45 Facts Of So You Think You Know Dublin

45 Facts Of So You Think You Know Dublin

45 Facts of so you think you know Dublin, here is some interesting things about places in and around Dublin city, it includes facts and interesting information about statues, landmarks and famous Irish people.

1) Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge was originally made of rope and could only carry one man and a donkey at a time. It was replaced with a wooden structure in 1801. The current concrete bridge was built in 1863 and was first called “Carlisle Bridge”.

2) O’Connell Bridge is the only traffic bridge in Europe, which is wider than it is long and Dublin’s second O’Connell Bridge is across the pond in Stephen’s Green.

3) Dublin Corporation planted 43,765 deciduous trees in the Greater Dublin area in 1998.

4) Dublin’s Oldest Workhouse closed its doors for the last time in July 1969. Based in Smithfield, the premises housed 10,037 orphan children during the one hundred and seventy years it operated.

5) Dublin was originally called Dubh Linn meaning Black Pool. The pool to which the name referred is the oldest known natural treacle lake in Northern Europe and currently forms the centrepiece of the penguin enclosure in Dublin Zoo.

6) There are Over 1000 Prostitutes operating in the Dublin area on any given night. Most are women from outside Dublin.

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Ireland Revealed Its History Of Design And The Owner

Ireland Revealed Its History Of Design And The Owner


Ray Neish

Ray Neish Design/Owner

I would like to take a minute or two just to introduce myself, my name is Ray Neish and I live in Dublin Ireland roughly about four miles out from Dublin City.

I’m the owner and designer of Ireland Revealed that’s me there on the right in the image.

The History Of Ireland Revealed

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The Hellfire Club Places To Visit Ireland

The Hellfire Club Places To Visit Ireland

The Hellfire Club Places To Visit Ireland

The Hellfire Club Places To Visit Ireland
As it is commonly known, is a famous tourist attraction that sits on top of Mont Pelier which is one of the closest of the group of mountains to Dublin city.

There are amazing views from the hellfire club, down onto Dublin city and the bay so it could be a good idea to bring a pair of binoculars, as the views would be further enhanced and enjoyed.

It was built as a hunting lodge in around 1725 by William Connolly. There is a forest on the slopes called Hell Fire Wood where Stika Spruce, Larch and Beech trees grow, its a lovely walk up along the trail and as mentioned above the flora and fauna are breath taking.. For More Information Visit The Hellfire Club Main Page

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo Places To Visit

Dublin Zoo is a great day out for all the family, although, depending on the weather and the weather in Ireland unfortunately can really be unpredictable, if it is raining and we do get a lot of rain, that can maybe disrupt or have an influence on your planning and visiting to the zoo.
But when the sun does shine it is a great day out to visit the animals at Dublin Zoo. The staff and animal attendants / caretakers do a great job to make the animals feel at home.

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo Located In The Phoenix Park Dublin Ireland

If you are there at the right time you will see the attendants feeding some of the animals which would make for some nice photographs. If it does happen to rain the day wont be totally ruined because you can visit some animals such as birds, fish, reptiles, amongst other animals, that are housed in indoor enclosures. For more information visit Dublin Zoo Main Page

Entertainment Temple Bar

Entertainment Temple Bar Dublin City Ireland

If your planning a visit to Ireland you should try and get to see Temple bar in the heart of Dublin City. Its very popular and has a lot of pubs to entertain all tastes in music, just a quick note on Temple Bar the area, the Pubs can be expensive, alcohol prices for a pint can cost nearly six euro just to let you know. There is also a great variety of restaurants to choose from if your looking to eat out.

Temple Bar By Day Image

Temple Bar By Day

There is something for everybody from traditional Irish music which is played in the afternoons and evenings.

And then other varieties of music hip hop dance trance in to the early hours of the morning.

For more information visit Temple Bar Main Page

Guinness Storehouse Places To Visit Ireland

Guinness Storehouse Places To Visit Ireland

Hello Everyone,
Here we will be adding places to visit as often as possible. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Ireland throughout the country. We will eventually branch out into the surrounding counties twenty six in the Republic of Ireland and six in the North of Ireland grand total of thirty two counties that makes up Ireland.


St James’s Gate, Dublin 8

With our first place to visit is The Guinness Storehouse located in Ireland Dublin City Saint James Gate Dublin 8. This is were the local brew Guinness is created, its great to actually see how the process is completed in different stages, and at the end of the tour you can enjoy a pint of Guinness in the gravity lounge which has a spectacular view of the city in 360 degrees.


We have added a new location in our places to visit section The Guinness storehouse
If you have visited the Storehouse we would be really interested in your thoughts and experience of your visit. Did you have a pint of Guinness? Did you like it? Would you drink it if you went out to your local pub or do you prefer larger etc.

Announcement Ireland Revealed

Announcement Ireland Revealed

We are pleased to announce the launch of our website http://www.irelandrevealed.com and Blog. Ireland Revealed is an online information and tourism guide for people that may be planning a trip or visit to Ireland. It’s also for people that already reside in Ireland.

Our aim is to help people by providing information about Ireland for example they might be needing to find a Restaurant we all like to eat and in most situations a friend could recommend a restaurant through experience, which is good advice.

But if you could get more recommendations from many more people and through good reviews, images and information for that one Restaurant your experience would be better.

So we can provide information for the following:

The above are just some of the things that we will be providing information for. We will be constantly updating and adding other useful information.